Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Midseason Finale Announced

Mobile Suit: Gundam has been a part of the anime world since it first debuted in the 1970s, with the franchise exploring the original universe that started it all while also taking the opportunity to explore new realities where the war machines play a major role. With the latest season, Gundam: The Witch From Mercury, introducing the series first female protagonist, along with a rather unique story for Suletta Mercury, the anime has revealed when the show's mid-season finale will arrive.

The story of Suletta Mercury sees a very new iteration of the Gundam universe explored, in which corporations rule the universe and have outlawed Gundam mech suits around the galaxy. With the series focusing on the first female protagonist of the anime, Suletta is a part of a unique school environment in which many disputes are settled by mech battles, with the "Witch From Mercury" holding on to a mech of her own in the Gundam Aerial. Now, the challenge remains to not only fit in with her new classmates but also hide the origins of her war machine from the corporations that are seeking to destroy any and everything Gundam.

The Witch From Gundam

The Official Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Twitter Account noted that the series will air its mid-season finale on January 8th, with the series set to return with new episodes beginning in April of next year to continue following one of the most unique takes on the anime franchise to date:

While The Witch From Mercury might be the biggest series that Gundam is unfurling as we speak, there are plenty more mech projects in the works when it comes to this anime universe. Currently, Bandai Namco Filmworks is working on the sequel picture to the Hathaway's Flash film series, exploring the original Gundam universe that started it all with the spiritual successor to both Amuro and Char. On the live-action front, Netflix is continuing to work on a live-action adaptation of the Gundam series with a new movie on the horizon.

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