'Hello Kitty' and 'Gundam' Crossover in Special Collaboration

Both Hello Kitty and the Mobile Suit Gundam franchises will be celebrating huge anniversaries this [...]

Both Hello Kitty and the Mobile Suit Gundam franchises will be celebrating huge anniversaries this year as the both of them are now at least 40 years old. Hello Kitty in particularly is coming out with a brand new anime in a few years, and even a Hollywood produced film, and the Gundam franchise is churning out more new projects by the day. But this collaboration between the two franchises has definitely taken fans by surprise.

Hello Kitty and Mobile Suit Gundam will be squaring off in a special series of anime videos to celebrate both Hello Kitty's 45th Anniversary and Gundam's 40th Anniversary, and there's even a special website in which fans in Japan can enter to win specialty goods. You can see the first video in this collaboration above.

The hilarious Gundam vs. Hello Kitty collaboration begins in this first video that introduces Hello Kitty to the world of the original Gundam series. After watching Amuro Ray struggle in battle in his Gundam RX-78-2, Hello Kitty is worried about this young boy and decides to go into space to help. She summons her own large mecha, which takes both Amuro and fans by surprise.

This first short comes to a close as the Gundam RX-78-2 stares down Hello Kitty's own mecha, and soon fans will be able to see what the rest of this special collaboration will have to offer. It's just such a kooky combination that fans certainly will not be able to keep their eyes off of.

The new Hello Kitty anime series is currently scheduled for a release in 2021, and each episode will run about 11 minutes or so. Titled The World of Hello Kitty, the series will run for 52 episodes and is officially described as such:

"The World of Hello Kitty will feature the famous titular character along with her friends from the Sanrio universe as they try to live in harmony in their not-so-quiet neighbourhood. Kitty's friends are all very different and they each have their little quirks, so their tight-knit community is often put to the test. But at the end of the day, Kitty always brings them back together, because she accepts her friends for who they are."


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