Haikyuu Season 4B Provides Production Update

The anime industry is still recovering from a swath of hiatuses that went into effect earlier this [...]

The anime industry is still recovering from a swath of hiatuses that went into effect earlier this year. As the global outbreak of COVID-19 continued, shows were forced to delay their new seasons or episodes due to a breakdown in production. Sadly, the midseason premiere of Haikyuu was impacted by this move, but can update from the anime has fans hopeful for season 4B.

The first update came from Yoshiki Kobayashi who is a music producer in Japan. The artist hit up Twitter with a message informing fans that Haikyuu's team was recording soundtrack pieces. He also posted a photo of composer Yuki Hayashi lying down on a couch with his arms straight to his side.

As for why? Well, Kobayashi hints Hayashi was trying to channel his inner caterpillar. We will leave it up to you to decide if he succeeded. And while these two we taking photos for fans online, other musicians and composers were posting their own updates on Haikyuu season 4B.

The other update fans got came from Asami Tachibana. The composer is a well-known one in the industry along with Hayashi. She has worked on series like Soul Eater Not along with major franchises like Mobile Suit Gundam and Star Twinkle Precure. Her latest gig has put Tachibana in charge of recordings for Haikyuu's new tracks.

"This is the first day of recording [the soundtrack for Haikyuu season four, and it just finished. It's been a while since I began lockdown because of the Coronavirus," Tachibana shared.

Clearly, work is being down on Haikyuu steadily, and that is something fans love to see. After all, the show was expected to be back by July. The lingering impact of COVID-19 has slowed the production of Haikyuu, so it will now return to the TV way later than expected. But for now, fans are taking solace in the fact work has gotten underway on the anime once again.

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