Hellsing Cosplay Gives Alucard a Glow-Up

There have been quite a few anime series and movies that have explored the world of the undead and things that go bump in the night. Vampire Hunter D, Blood, Shiki, and even JoJo's Bizarre Adventure all feature historic vampires that have taken the medium by storm. Many anime fans might agree that their favorite vampire in anime history is Hellsing's Alucard, the prince of darkness who is under lock and key thanks to the Hellsing Organization. Despite it being some time since Alucard appeared in an anime, cosplayers haven't forgotten about the lord of the undead.

Hellsing introduced Alucard as a force for good who had previously wiped out untold scores of victims as "Vlad The Impaler", but was transformed into what is effectively an attack dog for Integra Hellsing. The last time we saw Alucard in motion via an anime series was with the Studio Madhouse-produced Hellsing Ultimate, a series that followed the original anime adaptation while throwing in some serious ultra-violence when it came to the creatures of the night. A Hellsing live-action movie was announced in 2021 from the man who helped write the John Wick franchise, Derek Kolstad, and Amazon Studios though little information has been released as of late.

Hellsing: Rise From Your Grave

Alucard might have been fighting for the good guys in Hellsing but that didn't stop him from reveling in his brutality. The lord of the vampires ripped through countless opponents in the anime franchise that first debuted as a manga in 1997 from creator Kouta Hirano. At present, there has been no word on new stories featuring the former Dracula, though things might change if the live-action movie becomes a hit.

Previously, writer Derek Kolstad had talked with Comicbook.com when it came to the live-action adaptation and writing the prince of darkness, Alucard: ""[I]t just comes down to what I'm reminded of more and more, in regards to the movies you love. Is, do you give a shit? Do you really dig the main character? The reason we go back to watch the movies that we love so much is, yeah, they have cool scenes but it's that character you like who's in that cool scene. I love The Raid, one of the best movies ever made. And you think of that hallway scene. Yeah, it's one of the best Kung Fu sequences in history but you cared about the character too. And that's why that scene is even better. I think with something like Hellsing or what I did with Darker Shade Of Magic or Splinter Cell, or some of these other things I have in the mix in regards to IP, is you respect the world, you emulate it as best you can but then you rip the character out of it and you really respect and don't change the soul."