Hunter x Hunter Cosplay Unleashes Pitou's Feline Fury

Hunter x Hunter has made quite a few headlines recently, as creator Yoshihiro Togashi brought the series back from hiatus last year. While the mangaka has continued to struggle with health issues that have seen the shonen series have to return to hiatus, the story of Gon and his fellow hunters remains a fan-favorite series all the same. Now, one cosplayer has revisited the story of the Chimera Ant Arc with the feline villain known as Neferpitou, aka Pitou, who caused quite some trouble for the hunters at large.

Neferpitou was created as a result of the Chimera Ants gaining prominence in Hunter x Hunter, with the feline antagonist looking to protect her leader King. Her goals had her coming into contact with Gon and his friends, with the shonen protagonist eventually killing Pitou as a result of their battle. In order to win the day, Gon had to access the entirety of his Nen power, giving him the body of an adult for a limited time and wiping Neferpitou from the earth as a result. While this power boost made Gon one of the strongest fighters on the planet for a short amount of time, it also came with a heavy price. it seems doubtful that Pitou will return in the future of the Hunter x Hunter manga, but she remains one of the scariest Hunter x Hunter characters to date.

Hunter x Hunter: Pitou Returns

The Chimera Ant Arc saw some major casualties take place on both sides of good and evil, and it ended in quite an unexpected way. Rather than seeing Gon defeating King in a one-on-one fight, the Chimera Ants were eventually taken down thanks to nature itself, as it would seem they had a limited life span that stopped them from consuming the majority of the world's population. With the Succession Contest Arc taking place in the manga, it will be interesting to see which of the ants will return down the line.

Despite Hunter x Hunter going on hiatus once again, the mangaka who brought Gon and company to life is continuing to work on the Succession Contest Arc. While no longer on a regular release schedule, Yoshihiro has shared updates via his social media that he is still working on new manga chapters. On the flip side, no news has arrived regarding any new anime projects for the shonen series. 

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