Hunter x Hunter Creator Offers Hopeful Update on the Manga

It has been a hot minute since Hunter x Hunter came before fans, and as you can imagine, the quiet left some fans nervous. After all, Yoshihiro Togashi's manga is incredibly popular, but the series has been forced into a number of hiatus since it began. When the Hunter x Hunter manga goes quiet, it does not take long for questions to arise about a new hiatus, but Shonen Jump had nothing to say about any such break when 2023 rolled in. And now, the creator of Hunter x Hunter is clearing the whole thing up.

Taking to Twitter, Togashi dropped a surprise update on fans regarding Hunter x Hunter the other night. It was there the artist posted a slew of paper corners marked 1-19. As it turns out, Togashi has been working diligently on Hunter x Hunter chapter 401, and his whole team is backing Togashi with simple praise.

"Although the production system has not been solidified yet for the manga, I am glad that my working time at the desk is gradually increasing little by little," the artist shared with fans. At this point, there is no word on when Hunter x Hunter will return with a new chapter, but fans are hoping it will come soon. Last year marked the return of the Hunter x Hunter manga after its longest hiatus to date. The break in question began in 2019 before ending in 2022. But of course, the creator of Hunter x Hunter went on hiatus to address some health issues.

Now, Hunter x Hunter is moving full speed ahead, and Togashi is keeping the manga busy with an expanded staff. As for the Hunter x Hunter anime, sadly, it seems the shonen series is keeping its head down. The latest Hunter x Hunter anime to go live with Gon was in 2011. But should Togashi finish his manga one day, fans hope Hunter x Hunter will get a reboot to address the whole story. For now, you can watch the 2011 Hunter x Hunter anime over on Hulu and Crunchyroll, and Togashi's manga will be simulpubed in the Shonen Jump app whenever chapter 401 is eventually released. The Hunter x Hunter manga is currently in the midst of its Succession Contest arc. 

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