Hunter x Hunter Fans Are Reeling From an Anime Time Capsule

You might find it hard to believe, but Hunter x Hunter is old enough to drink in the U.S. these [...]

You might find it hard to believe, but Hunter x Hunter is old enough to drink in the U.S. these days. The hit series debuted over 20 years ago to the delight of shonen fans everywhere, but their hype has been tested time and again. Due to the series creator's injuries, Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus more times than not. There is no way fans could have know that was coming, and netizens were reminded of that when a certain anime time capsule was dug up in the form of a letter.

The whole ordeal began on Twitter when a Japanese fan posted a message from their past self. The user yzynzis announced they discovered a letter they wrote to themselves 20 years ago as a sort of time capsule. The note was a cute idea as the user wanted to imagine how their older self would be doing... but they made a big mistake when it came to Hunter x Hunter.

After all, it turns out the poor kid expected Hunter x Hunter to have ended by now. The now-adult writer shared pieces of their letter regarding Yoshihiro Togashi's story, and it is as funny as it is exhausting.

"I got a letter from myself [that I wrote] 20 years ago, but I am laughing since it says, 'How did Hunter x Hunter end?' 'What did you get hooked on after Hunter x Hunter was over?' 'Is Kurapika a woman or a man?'"

Clearly, the user had a lot of questions that they wanted to be answered, but few of them have been resolved. This is because Hunter x Hunter hasn't ended. It is not unusual for manga to go on for years, but it is not every day they pass the two decades mark. Hunter x Hunter has done that as it was first published in 1998. But thanks to its frequent and long hiatuses, Togashi has struggled to bring Gon's journey to an end.

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