Hunter x Hunter Gets Classical Art Makeover in This Stunning Painting

Hunter x Hunter might not be coming back to tell new stories of Gon and his fellow hunters any [...]

Hunter x Hunter might not be coming back to tell new stories of Gon and his fellow hunters any time soon, but that isn't stopping fans from finding new ways to celebrate the popular Shonen series with brand new pieces of fan art, with the latest iteration giving us a classical makeover to Gon's insane transformation. Gon's powerful technique had it so that he went from a powerful child to an absolutely ripped adult, Nen user that was able to employ some serious new powers as he fought against villains looking to take his life and threaten his friends.

Gon's transformation is a weird one, having more than a few things in common with Dragon Ball's Super Saiyan transformation, causing the young hunter to change his hair and gain several levels of power that he had not had once before. In a devastating battle against Nefepitou, Gon achieved a new level of power by essentially giving up the potential that he might one day achieve as a Nen user. In doing so, Gon could briefly access what he might one day become as a Nen user, a bi-product of which gave him some absolutely ridiculous looking hair that seemed to stretch up high to the sky. Though Gon might not ever be able to use this transformation ever again, it certainly came in handy when he needed it.

Twitter Artist Takumitoxin created this amazing classical recreation of Gon's ultimate transformation, changing him from a child to an adult, in a amazingly detailed painting that is appropriately titled, "Victory of St. Gon", that does a serious service to the anime franchise of Hunter x Hunter:

The Chimera Arc for Hunter x Hunter is thought of by many as the best arc of the anime series, giving us this brand new transformation for Gon as well as some of the franchise's biggest fights. Gon's status is definitely unknown when it comes to the return of the franchise, but rest assured that more groundswell for the series will continue down the road.

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