Hunter x Hunter Creator Addresses Manga's 2023 Hiatus

It looks like Hunter x Hunter is gearing up for its next break. Earlier this year, fans of the manga rose up after creator Yoshihiro Togashi confirmed he was resuming work on Hunter x Hunter. The series then made a successful comeback to Shonen Jump, but a recent report announced the hit series is going back on hiatus. And now, Togashi is addressing the issue with a note to fans.

The update comes from Shueisha as the publisher put forward an author's note from Togashi. It was there the artist finally addressed the upcoming break, and it seems he is doing everything he can to keep the manga in publication without overworking his staff.

"This is Togashi," the note reads. "I'm currently trying to figure out how to keep the manga going without causing so much stress to everyone who helps me out."

The Future of Hunter x Hunter

For those who do not know, Togashi's staff is rather expansive, and it has grown since Hunter x Hunter came back from hiatus this year. A number of editors are helping Togashi ink the manga, and some of them have taken over his usual author's notes. The extra help is what allowed Hunter x Hunter to return, but it does have drawbacks. For instance, the staff needs more rest and scheduling thanks to its size. So of course, it was just a matter of time before Hunter x Hunter took another break.

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As for those wondering when the manga will cut itself off, the series will kickstart its hiatus with chapter 401. At this point, there is no word on when the break could end, but Togashi's health comes first. The artist has taken a number of hiatuses over the year to address his chronic health issues. And even with his latest return to work, Togashi made it clear his work was often done at the expense of his own comfort. 

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