Hunter x Hunter Is Reportedly Getting Universal Studios Theme Park Attractions

It's been a little under three years since Hunter x Hunter's manga went on hiatus, with fans of Yoshiro Togashi's Shonen franchise dying for any word as to when Gon and his fellow hunters will return for new chapters, and while no rumors have emerged as to the return of the series, it seems that Universal Studios might be looking to bring the franchise back to life. Universal Studios Japan has taken the opportunity to dive into plenty of examples of anime in the past, and it seems that this story of hunters might be next.

Universal Studios Japan has created attractions and shows for some of the biggest anime around, including the likes of Attack On Titan, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Case Closed, and Lupin The 3rd. The theme park even went so far as to unite two of Hideaki Anno's classic franchises, seeing the pilots of Neon Genesis Evangelion face-off with the latest interpretation of the king of the monsters in Shin Godzilla. Though North America hasn't featured nearly as many anime attractions, if any, in its past when it comes to Universal Studios in Florida, we're sure there are plenty of anime fans in the West that would die to swing alongside the Scout Regiment or enter the world of Hunter x Hunter

Twitter Outlet WSJ_Manga shared the rumor that Universal Studios Japan was planning on bringing back Hunter x Hunter, seemingly before mangaka Yoshihiro Togashi does so as fans continue to wait for new stories when it comes to Gon, his friends, and the nefarious Phantom Troupe:

While Universal Studios Japan continues to dive into the medium of anime, it looks like some competition for the theme park is right around the corner as Studio Ghibli is continuing to work on an amusement park of their own, bringing to life some of the locales of their biggest films. With the likes of My Neighbor Totoro, Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, and many others planned to be a part of the Ghibli theme park, the location is set to open its doors next year, giving anime fans more options when it comes to anime attractions in the real world.

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