Hunter x Hunter Composer Reveals Cute Secret Behind Gon's Theme

Hunter x Hunter has kept quiet for several years now, but the fandom has been anything but. In the absence of new updates, the fanbase has kept Gon alive in its own way, and they've been joined by those who have worked on the series. In fact, it wasn't long ago that a composer on Hunter x Hunter spoke up about his time on the anime, and Yoshihisa Hirano shared some spectacular information.

After all, the musician informed fans that his work on Hunter x Hunter coincided with a wild time in his life. Hirano was working on the show's big theme song at the same time his daughters were preparing their arrival.

"Speaking about theme songs, my personal connection to Hunter x Hunter makes its main theme special to me. I spent a lot of time at the hospital when I was working on it. My wife was staying there to give birth to our twin daughters," Hirano wrote in a thread on Twitter (via Reddit).

"In fact, "The World of Adventurers", the theme for Hunter x Hunter, and my twin angels were born simultaneously. So without a doubt, I got the most beautiful and exciting sort of inspiration from them and my wife."

As you can see, Gon's theme song has a lot of big emotions behind it. Hirano finished his take on the track just as his daughters were born, and the incredible feelings of that birth live on forever in Hirano's song. So if you ever felt there was more to Gon's theme, it turns out you were right!

And of course, Hirano went on to produce other great tracks for Hunter x Hunter. In the years since, the musician has tackled other big series like Edens Zero, and his other work on shows like Ouran High School Host Club still stand up to this day. But when it comes to top tracks, it will be hard to beat "The World of Adventurers" from here on out.

What do you make of this behind-the-scenes tidbit? Will you hear this Hunter x Hunter song in a new way now that you know its origins? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.