Inuyasha Creator Rumiko Takahashi Announces New Manga Project

It looks like the creator of Inuyasha is back at it. These days, the anime fandom may know the artist best for their work on Inuyasha, but Takahashi is far from a one-hit-wonder. Over the decades, the gifted creator has put out tons of successful projects, and another manga is about to join that list. After all, Takahashi is working on a new one-shot for fans, and we just got a first look at the release.

The update comes courtesy of Shogakukan as the publisher shared a promo for Takahashi's next manga. It turns out the story will be part of the Rumiko Theater Short Story catalog, and this upcoming entry will be titled "The Power of Money".

As you can see above, the ad for Takahashi's new one-shot is gorgeous and has all the hallmarks of her work. We can see the promo features a beautiful woman in fine clothing, and an older man in glasses cannot help but gush over her presence. The ad goes on to tease this pair's relationship, writing, "A retired man bored with his life until a miraculous encounter, is it love or...?"

According to Shogakukan, this one-shot will be released in early April overseas, so fans can look forward to this new release. As for Takahashi, this manga is just one of several she has explored recently through one-shots. Of course, she is keeping busy with her main work as always, and Mao has kept Takahashi's attention for years now. The Weekly Shonen Sunday series debuted in 2019, and Mao acted as Takahashi's follow-up to Rin-ne. And of course, Rin-ne took up Takahashi's time once Inuyasha closed back in 2008. The hit series began in 1996, and Inuyasha is now one of manga's top-selling manga to date.

Of course, Inuyasha was not Takahashi's first hit. The artist found success in manga from the start with Urusei Yatsura which debuted in 1978. The creator then hit it big once more with Ranma 1/2 starting in 1987, and Takahashi's career has been bright ever since. As for their short story series, the whole idea began in 1987, so The Power of Money will be just one of many to have joined her catalog.

If you are not familiar with Takahashi's career, you should know that the mangaka is one of the most popular and beloved in all of Japan. Takahashi began working in 1978 after she became interested in drawing during high school. For college, she enrolled in a school focused on manga, and Takahashi began her career professionally under Shogakukan's wing. Since publishing her first full manga, Takahashi has been awarded some impressive honors such as Japan's Medal with Purple Ribbon and the Grand Prix de la villa d'Angouleme. So if we could give newcomers a bit of advice, it would be to check out Takahashi's revered stories ASAP.

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