Yashahime Promo Teases Setsuna's New Demon Form

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has taken its heroines on an adventure since day one, and our [...]

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has taken its heroines on an adventure since day one, and our favorites still have more to do. Towa, Moroha, and Setsuna have been busy searching for their parents since they were all united. As you can imagine, the twin sisters have a lot to learn when it comes to their dad Sesshomaru, and Setsuna is about to tap into his power with a new form of hers.

Recently, Inuyasha teased the new transformation with its stills for episode 20. The update checked in on Setsuna as the girl reunites with some familiar faces. However, the look of her own face will startle fans. It appears the half-demon is about to experience her first demon shift, and it looks scary, to say the least.

Preview of episode 20 holy shit from r/inuyasha

As you can see above, Setsuna takes after her dad in this form. Her features become very angular, and her eyes are canvassed in a glossy purple hue. A pair of pink-purple scars are seen running across her cheeks, and Setsuna completes the demonic look with elongated fangs.

Clearly, something is up with Setsuna in this still, but Sesshomaru isn't at fault. The girl's father was considered a full demon, so he never had to experience the pain of phasing between being a human and a demon. However, Setsuna's uncle knows all about it. Inuyasha is a half-demon from birth, and he has shifted into a demon form several times over the years. A number of things can trigger the form shift from corrupt spiritual energy to life-threatening injuries. Now, it seems Setsuna will experience this for herself, and fans are curious to learn what will prompt its surface.

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