JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Creator Teases Plans for Kishibe Rohan

In the world of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, there are popular characters and there are guys like Rohan Kishibe. After coming to life in Diamond Is Unbreakable, the manga artist went on to form a cult of fans. His popularity led to Rohan getting his own manga spin-off, and creator Hirohiko Araki readily pronounces his love for the character. And now, it seems he has big plans in mind for the character.

Recently, Araki teased fans with his pitch when he did an interview with Kono Mystery ga Sugoi. It was there the artist was asked about his current thoughts on the JoJo IP, and he said there was one place Rohan hasn't gone yet that he'd like to see.

Thus Spoke Who?

As for where that is, well – it seems Rohan needs to head stateside. Araki admitted he's like to draw a Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe story set in America. Right now, there are no set plans for Araki to pen the tale. But if we know the artist well, it won't take him long to churn out such a story once he's got it hammered out.

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To date, Araki has put out two volumes of Rohan's own manga, and it got started back in 1997. The character came back into the limelight when the JoJo anime adapted Diamond Is Unbreakable on screen, and netizens discovered Rohan's charms. Now, the character has his own anime OVA series, and a live-action adaptation of Thus Spoke Rohan Kishibe dropped in December 2020.

As for the rest of JoJo, the franchise is taking things easy at the moment. The anime just wrapped Stone Ocean this month with help from Netflix and David Production. As for the manga, the series has been on a little break following the end of JoJolion. Araki has confirmed part nine is in the works, and it will star a descendant of Joseph Joestar. 

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