JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Brings The Vampire Kars Back To Life

From Phantom Blood to JoJolion, the anime franchise of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has followed the Joestars from Ripples to Stands while giving fans one of the strangest adventures to ever arrive in the mediums of manga and anime. Now, with one cosplayer revisiting the story of Battle Tendency, one of the most vicious vampires of the series, Kars, has been resurrected, as the Pillarman proved himself to be one of the greatest enemies that the Joestars had ever faced throughout the generations.   

Much like Dio Brando, Kars had no problem in eliminating any innocent bystander that got in his way on his quest to become the ultimate being in the world, with Joseph Joestar having to rely on the power of the Ripple rather than a Stand in order to eventually defeat him. Using a combination of this energy that uses the power of the sun along with his own wits, Joseph was able to not only defeat Kars, but also gave him a fate worse than death, hurling him into outer space from the Earth itself and forcing him into a permanent stone prison. While Kars has not returned from this prison of stone in future entries, creator Hirohiko Araki hasn't been scared of bringing back characters from the past to revisit the Joestars.

Instagram Cosplayer Rainy Day Sensei revisited one of the most terrifying creatures of the night that sprung from the mind of Araki, Kars, who definitely earned his place as the strongest of the Pillarmen once he was freed during the episodes of Battle Tendency that introduced viewers to a brand new Joestar:

While Battle Tendency might have come to a close years ago, the entry of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is set to make a surprising return this month, as a new publication is set to offer a new story to Lisa Lisa, the tutor of Joseph Joestar who was a master in the power known as Hamon. With the short story hinting at the idea that Lisa Lisa will be coming into contact with a Stand for the first time, perhaps Joseph's tutor will receive a Stand of her own in this pseudo-sequel.

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