JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Goes to LEGO with This Bruno Build

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind didn't only give us a new Joestar in the form of Giorno Giovanna, the lost son of villain Dio Brando, but also highlighted members of the Passione mob who shined just as bright and one fan has decided to take the Stand wielder of Bruno Bucciarati and place him into the world of LEGO with his own custom build. Bucciarati, who acted as the de facto brains behind the rogue unit of Passione that was looking to overtake the Italian mob wielded a Stand that gave him the ability to teleport through "Sticky Fingaz".

Bucciarati himself was a tragic character in that in his attempt to lead the Passione mob to a new era of peace, spreading a sense of order throughout the crime filled streets of Italy during this time period, he had lost his life and was forced to exist as something of an undead gangster before meeting his final fate. Giorno Giovanna's ability to turn inorganic objects into organic ones was used in an attempt to heal Bruno's wounds following a killer fight, but unfortunately it wasn't enough to bring him back to life fully. Though Bucciarati acted as a zombie for much of the series, his intellect and cunning behavior was a godsend to the main cast of the Golden Wind!

Reddit User SmittyBS42 shared this amazing recreation of both Bruno Bucciarati and his Stand of Sticky Fingaz, aka Zipperman, using LEGOs to demonstrate the reality warping abilities of the Stand that helped in giving Giorno Giovanna and his crew leadership over the Passione mob by defeating Diavolo:

[Fanart] My third Lego JoJo diorama! Bruno Bucciarati and Sticky Fingers! from r/StardustCrusaders

Golden Wind gave us a very different cast of characters and situation for them to work their way through from past seasons of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Bucciarati easily proved himself as one of the best supporting characters with the franchise created by Hirohiko Araki, sometimes having fans believing that he was actually worthy of being considered the main protagonist of the fifth season of the anime. Though we doubt Bruno will be returning to the franchise at any point in the future, his legacy clearly continues to this day among fans.

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