JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Wows Fans with Resurfaced Clip of an Old-School OVA

Many anime fans might not know that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was animated long before the arrival [...]

Many anime fans might not know that JoJo's Bizarre Adventure was animated long before the arrival of David Production's version, with Studio APPP producing a six episode OVA that told the story of Stardust Crusaders and a recently resurfaced clip has gotten fans' attentions thanks in part to the nefarious actions of the series' antagonist, Dio Brano. Dio, as fans of JoJo know, arrived in the first season of the franchise as the antagonist to Jonathan Joestar, but returned thanks to his vampiric powers to trouble the future generations of Joestar in the third season of the anime.

While this original version of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure didn't garner even half of the popularity that the current series has received, with the anime recently making its way onto the streaming service of Netflix, as well as the likes of Crunchyroll, it's still definitely worth seeing how the medium of anime has changed over the decades as this early 90s retelling of Hirohiko Araki's franchise looks far different from what we know today. While the series mostly sticks to the same story as the manga, it definitely had to be cut to a degree considering it only ran for six episodes, whereas the David Production had dozens in forty eight total.

Twitter User TheOtaking shared this clip of Dio Brando literally tearing through a number of innocent bystanders, showing just how powerful the vampire antagonist could be, even without the use of his Stand, The World, that had the ability to freeze time whenever its master desired:

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure seemingly has some big announcements coming down the pike, with a Warner Bros Panel dropping next month that will seemingly confirm that a new anime project is in the works. Though fans are debating whether this means the confirmation of the long awaited sixth season in Stone Ocean or a side project that could be an OVA for Golden Wind character, Pannacotta Fugo, audiences are debating just wha tthe future of the franchise will be.

What do you think of this trip to the past with the first JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime series? What do you think the next anime project for Hirohiko Araki's franchise will be? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Joestar bloodline!