JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Cosplay Strikes a Stone Ocean Pose

The Stone Ocean is rolling back out to sea, with the final battle featuring Jolyne and Pucci coming to an end in such a way that the world of the Joestars will never be the same. With the conclusion throwing many anime fans for a loop, the next phase of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Steel Ball Run, has yet to be confirmed for its own anime season, though fans are still taking the opportunity to revisit the latest season with some pitch-perfect Cosplay.         

Jolyne Cujoh had a Stand that was far different from any of the Stands wielded by the Joestars that we had seen to date, with Stone Free unable to stop time like Star Platinum, but having a unique ability in transforming both itself and Jolyne into a series of strings when the situation demands it. In her fight against Pucci and his evolved Stand dubbed "C-Moon", Jolyne was on the receiving end of a blow that almost had her heart turning inside out, but Stone Free was able to create a unique "infinity symbol" that acted as Cujoh's heart and saved her life in the process. While the ending might have come as a surprise to many anime fans, it did give Jolyne something of a happy ending

Stone Ocean Pose

Instagram Cosplayer Louxxei took the opportunity to revisit Jolyne Cujoh one more time following the conclusion of the Stone Ocean on Netflix, striking a pose that has become commonplace for many of the Joestars throughout the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise: 

The next storyline focusing on the Joestars is Steel Ball Run, a story following a Joestar from another reality who is attempting to have his dreams come true by participating in a wild horse race across the country. While not yet confirmed to receive an anime adaptation, it remains a fan-favorite in the franchise's history, and should David Production work on the story of Johnny Joestar, it will definitely be an arc to keep an eye on. Luckily, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's manga is far from over as creator Hirohiko Araki is currently working on part nine, aka JoJo Lands. 

Are you sad to say goodbye to Jolyne Cujoh? Do you think Netflix will once again be the exclusive home for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure should Steel Ball Run be confirmed? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of the Joestars.