Jujutsu Kaisen Cosplay Digs Into Sukuna's Demonic Look

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the biggest anime series in the industry, so it has no lack of fans. As its first season comes to a close soon, all eyes are on the series as fans theorize where season two might begin. Of course, this means others are ready to show off their tributes to the hit anime, and one cosplayer just did so with their stunning take on Sukuna.

Over on Instagram, the user taryn_cosplay got fans going with their take on the high-level curse. The fan, who is known well for their anime cosplays, told their followers the Sukuna look was a special surprise in honor of the hit anime.

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"Weekend SURPRISE! I wanted to try Sukuna cosplay so much... So, here I am. Want More? Well... I just started! The best has yet to come," the cosplay's caption reads.

As you can see above, Sukuna comes to life in shadow as the cosplayer rocks a styled pink wig that is spiked just right. The look continues with some elaborate face makeup as it brings Sukuna's markings to life. The rest of the look fits easily with a black-and-white top and blue scarf which fans will recognize from Jujutsu Kaisen. So if this cosplay was done last minute as said, you wouldn't know it!


Clearly, taryn_cosplay has more plans for Sukuna, so fans can look forward to his take on the curse. As for anime watchers, there are still several episodes left of season one. You can catch up on the series online through Crunchyroll if you haven't met this curse just yet. And once you make his acquaintance, well - you will see why Jujutsu Kaisen fans are loving this look.

What do you make of this take on Sukuna? Does it do the Jujutsu Kaisen curse justice...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.