Jujutsu Kaisen Creator Opens Up About Sukuna's Mysterious Past

Jujutsu Kaisen's creator has opened up about Sukuna's mysterious past! While fans have come to [...]

Jujutsu Kaisen's creator has opened up about Sukuna's mysterious past! While fans have come to love the blend of horror, comedy, and action from the series, there's no better example of this chaotic union than with the bond between main character Yuji Itadori and the overall main antagonist, the special grade cursed spirit Sukuna. There have been a few hints of Sukuna's past as a monstrous being scattered throughout the series as a whole, but series creator Gege Akutami recently answered some major fan questions about the mysterious being in the recent fan book released for the series.

Not only did Akutami reveal more about Sukuna's past before he became a cursed spirit, the creator opened up more about Sukuna's bond with Yuji. First Akutami revealed his thoughts about Sukuna being a human in the past as he clarified that he wasn't so much a cursed user as a "natural calamity." Apparently he remembers that time too.

Jujutsu Kaisen Sukuna Anime
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Akutami explained that Sukuna does have memory of his past as a human, but it's complicated by "whether Sukuna himself and his surroundings recognized him as a human being." As for how much he was feared back then, Akutami clarified that Sukuna wasn't feared like Gojo is now, "That's not to say he wasn't feared, but in the olden days cursed users and cursed spirits were more vicious than they are today."

As for how Sukuna was treated by those around him when he was a human, Akutami explained that people were "extremely" scared of him and that he was always known as the "King of Curses" even before and after becoming a cursed object himself. Akutami explained that Sukuna didn't have a wife or family back then, only Uraume, and that his fingers have a small resonance with the world around him but he can only share the point of view vision with his host, Yuji.

These details help to further flesh out Sukuna as a character, and that's pretty swell considering that we still know very little about what makes him tick and what his overall goal for characters like Megumi Fushigoro. But as the series continues (especially in the Shibuya Incident arc coming to the anime in the future), we'll definitely learn more about this cursed spirit as the series builds to its final confrontation.

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