Junji Ito Shares Another of His Favorite Horror Icons

Junji Ito recently has earned his place as one of the greatest horror manga creators when he [...]

Junji Ito recently has earned his place as one of the greatest horror manga creators when he earned two Eisner awards for some of his works, specifically with Remina and Venus In The Blind Spot, and during this year's Comic-Con, the master of horror shared another scary movie character that he considered to be a favorite. Having created a number of bone-chilling characters during his years of creating manga, Ito has also dived into creating adaptations of popular works in creating his own interpretation of Frankenstein as well as an adaptation of the spooky story known as The Lighthouse.

Currently, fans of Junji Ito are waiting to watch the anime adaptation of one of his most popular stories in Uzumaki, which is currently being produced by a partnership forged between Adult Swim and Production IG. While the upcoming anime had to be pushed back thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic, with a release window of Fall 2022, new footage for the terrifying tale has fans even more excited, with most willing to wait it out until the anime series arrives. While there have been rumors that another Ito anime adaptation is in the works, nothing has been confirmed and fans have been left wondering which story it might adapt.

Junji Ito Favorite
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During this year's Comic-Con, the Junji Ito Panel focused on the horror mangaka's newest story, Sensor, with the master of terror revealing that he was a fan of Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface, having revealed previously that he also preferred Freddy Krueger to Jason when it came to a battle of the slashers.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre is considering to be one of the most terrifying films ever created, releasing in 1974, and was so realistic that many fans believed they were watching real events transpire on the silver screen. Following a group of teenagers that encounter the cannibalistic Sawyer family, the franchise will be receiving a new entry in the series later this year, following an older Leatherface who uses the skin of his victims to create new disturbing masks for himself.

Ito himself has never adapted a story of slashers from Hollywood, but we certainly wouldn't see the mangaka's style applied to some of the biggest faces in horror.

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