Master of Horror Junji Ito Wins Two Eisner Awards

Junji Ito might be the talk of the internet when it comes to the upcoming anime adaptation of Uzumaki, one of his most beloved horror stories that will be brought to life by Adult Swim, but the master mangaka has been producing new short stories and spine chilling tales for quite some time. Recently, Ito has won two Eisner Awards for two of his recent works in the collected editions of Remina and Venus In The Blind Spot which definitely rank high up when it comes to some of Ito's most twisted tales to date.

If you're unfamiliar with either Remina or Venus In The Blind Spot, the two stories play well to Ito's strengths of introducing entirely new concepts that blend the worlds of the mundane with that of cosmic horror. Remina is a manga story that revolves around an unknown planet emerging from space above the Earth, and it set on a trajectory to eliminate our planet along with all of mankind. With the planet named after a young girl named Remina, people begin to believe that the young girl is responsible for the collision course. Venus In The Blind Spot is a collection of some of Ito's most terrifying short stories, including the likes of The Enigma of Amigura Fault and The Human Chair to name a few.

Viz Media shared the big news that Junji Ito had won two Eisner Awards for both Remina and Venus In The Blind Spot, being recognized in the "Best Writer/Artist" Category for these twisted stories that could only be thought up by the master of horror manga:

While Uzumaki is set to be the next anime adaptation of Ito's works, there have been rumors that another anime adaptation is in the works, though nothing has been confirmed as of yet and the subject matter has yet to be revealed.

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