New Junji Ito Anime Reportedly In The Works

Junji Ito's Uzumaki is planned to be released later this year with an anime adaptation on Cartoon [...]

Junji Ito's Uzumaki is planned to be released later this year with an anime adaptation on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim with perhaps the most faithful take on Ito's stellar artwork that we've seen to date, but it seems as if this might not be the only series that is currently in the works as rumors have emerged that an announcement is coming as early as this Monday. Following the stories that were written and drawn by Ito in The Junji Ito Masterworks Collection which compiled a number of his bone-chilling manga tales, expect spooky news in the future to land.

The collection puts together a number of Ito's stories that were published from 2011 to 2013, holding eleven volumes and bringing together a number of the horror mangaka's spookiest stories. This would hardly be the first time that we've seen an anime adaptation created for Ito's work, as 2018 gave us the Junji Ito Collection, which many fans believed wasn't able to live up to the artwork of the master himself. On top of this, Ito's fishy tale known as Gyo receiving a feature-length animated film that did a worthy job of adapting that scary story that saw fish emerging from the sea, striding atop spider-like legs while infecting the world with a mysterious gas.

Junji Ito Anime Rumor
(Photo: Studio Deen)

Uzumaki is set to land on Adult Swim at some point this year, with the anime series being put together by Production IG, taking a page directly from Junji Ito's art by portraying the series in black and white. With fans having only seen footage of the series via a trailer, Junji Ito enthusiasts are still anxious for any news about the collaboration with Cartoon Network and how it will manage to translate one of Ito's most popular stories.

On top of the past anime adaptations that we've seen, Junji Ito's works have also received a number of live-action adaptations, with both Uzumaki and Tomie receiving feature-length films in the past years. Though Tomie was set to receive a new television series via the streaming service of Quibi, the shuddering of the platform resulted in the production closing its doors as well.

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