New Junji Ito Movie Promotes Spooky Pop Up

Junji Ito is going to have a big year in 2021, with Adult Swim planning on launching an anime [...]

Junji Ito is going to have a big year in 2021, with Adult Swim planning on launching an anime adaptation of one of his greatest stories of all time in Uzumaki, but a new movie is promoting a collaboration between the master of manga horror and the pop-up shop of Re:Shazam to highlight some creepy attire and various merchandise. Though we received an anime adaptation that brought a number of Ito's stories to life in the series titled The Junji Ito Collection, fans are waiting to see just how many Ito tales will be able to be brought to life.

Junji Ito has been collaborating with the pop-up shop of Re:Shazam in Japan, selling t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pillow cases, and more that help portray some of the creepiest monsters and characters created by the mangaka to life! The shot film that is featured here in order to help push more of this merchandise, revolves around the short story appropriately titled "Blood-Bubble Bushes", which imagined an entirely neew kind of vampire that was able to steal blood from his victims in an entirely unique way, with a young couple unfortunately being in his sights. This story was also adapted into the Junji Ito Collection, giving fans an anime take on one of Ito's creepiest tales.

Re:Shazam's Official Twitter Account was able to share the quick commercial that pushed the new merchandise created for their partnership with Junji Ito, taking the characters from the unique tale of terror and giving it a new style of animation that stuck closely to the art of the horror mangaka himself, Junji Ito:

The Junji Ito Collection was an anime that wasn't able to present the stories of the mangaka in a way that would satiate fans' desires, but it seems as if Adult Swim's Uzumaki will be looking to create an adaptation that is able to retain the spirit of the art created by Ito himself. Thanks in part to Production IG, the upcoming mini series being released in 2021 is looking to tell the story of the cursed town that made more than a few readers shake in their boots.

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