Junji Ito Pens Breath-Taking "The Lighthouse" Manga Adaptation

Junji Ito fans were a tad disappointed when it was revealed earlier this month that the Adult Swim [...]

Junji Ito fans were a tad disappointed when it was revealed earlier this month that the Adult Swim adaptation of Uzumaki was being delayed until Fall of next year, but the horror mangaka isn't delaying his work in the world of manga, with his latest being an adaptation of the movie The Lighthouse. Originally released in 2019. The Lighthouse works perfectly not just thanks to its disturbing subject matter, but also thanks to the film starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson being created entirely in black and white like so many of Ito's creepy stories throughout the years.

Ito's upcoming Adult Swim anime is looking to be one of the most faithful adaptations to the horror mangaka's works so far, not just because it is being portrayed entirely in black and white, but thanks to the animation looking so close to the work of the legendary artist. While this isn't the first time that Junji ito's work has been transferred into the world of animation, with the likes of Gyo and The Junji Ito Collection adapting some of his creepiest stories, it certainly seems to be one of the most anticipated as anime fans are ecstatic following the footage that has been shown so far.

Junji Ito himself shared the first look at the amazing adaptation that shows that the master of horror's art is a perfect fit for the world created by director Robert Eggers, which blurred the lines between the mundane and the indescribable world of the supernatural which the film portrays during its run time:

While we don't foresee Ito jumping into the director's seat in the near future, we've seen plenty of live-action adaptations of Junji's work hit the silver screen in the past, with the likes of Uzumaki and Tomie receiving feature-length films of their own.

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