JunjI Ito Fan Shares Bone Chilling Slug Girl Tattoo

While Junji Ito fans were somewhat disappointed to learn that Adult Swim's adaptation of his most [...]

While Junji Ito fans were somewhat disappointed to learn that Adult Swim's adaptation of his most famous work, Uzumaki, was delayed, the first footage from the spooky adaptation has fans more anxious than ever to experience this new take on the town cursed with an obsession with spirals. Though one fan got a tattoo from one of Junji Ito's works that took place outside of the story of Uzumaki, the image of Slug Girl remains one of the most disturbing images that the horror mangaka has created during his many years of creating some of the spookiest stories around.

For those who might be unfamiliar with the story of Slug Girl, the short tale revolves around a girl named Yuuko who has been undergoing quite the horrific supernatural occurrence as her family discovers that slugs are beginning to congregate around their home. With Yuuko's friend Rie attempting to get to the bottom of this spooky scene, she discovers that Yuuko's tongue has transformed into a slug itself. In the most gruesome, terrifying scene of the story, the final panels show that the slug has completely overtaken Yuuko's body, and is now using her head as a disturbing shell to move across a nearby tree.

Reddit User Digly Bones shared this insanely impressive and detailed tattoo that re-imagines one of Junji Ito's most terrifying creations that made its first anime appearance during the anime adaptation known as The Junji Ito Collection:

One of the biggest strengths of Junji Ito's art isn't simply the detailed line work that he gives to each of his manga stories, but the stories themselves will often blend the mundane with incomprehensible. On its face, the story of Slug Girl might seem ridiculous, but Ito's portrayal creates this fusion of human and slug into one of his scariest monsters that we've seen to date.

Junji Ito has seen a fair amount of adaptations of his works translated to both animation and live-action, with the likes of Tomie and Uzumaki receiving a number of feature-length films in Japan. While The Junji Ito Collection wasn't exactly well received among die-hard fans of the horror mangaka, it's clear that Uzumaki is aiming to be one of the best adaptations of Ito to date.

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