Junji Ito's Uzumaki Anime Delayed

Fans of the creepy worlds created by horror mangaka Junji Ito have been waiting for word as to [...]

Fans of the creepy worlds created by horror mangaka Junji Ito have been waiting for word as to when the anime adaptation of his classic story, Uzumaki, will be arriving on Adult Swim, with it originally planned to hit the small screen this year, but unfortunately, it seems as if fans are going to have to wait longer than anticipated for the series. Following the story of a cursed town that is dealing with an obsession with spirals, Uzumaki remains one of Ito's most talked-about stories to date, with the adaptation seemingly holding close to Ito's art style.

Junji Ito hasn't had the best of luck when it comes to many of his adaptations, with the Tomie live-action series canceled as a result of Quibi closing its doors and the anime series of The Junji Ito Collection failing to nail the art style of the horror mangaka according to many fans. With the original trailer for Uzumaki, fans were beyond excited to see this collaboration between Adult Swim and Production IG, but it seems as if the series will be arriving in October of next year, making for quite the delay. Understandably, the coronavirus pandemic had a heavy hand in this delay and it seems as if the work has continued, as shown with a new clip and update from those involved.

Jason DeMarco, the co-creator and Executive Producer of Adult Swim, took to his Official Twitter Account to share the bad news that fans would have to wait more than a year to see Uzumaki finally hit the programming block, but touted how amazing the series is looking in development:

The clip in question doesn't show off many of the monsters and/or cursed beings that fans will witness in the upcoming Junji Ito adaptation, but it certainly gives us a better idea of how the animation from Production IG will look when it comes to one of the most recognizable horror stories in the world of manga.

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