Junji Ito Crosses Over With The Simpsons In Disturbing Art

The Simpsons has been one of the longest-running animated series in North America, and the clan [...]

The Simpsons has been one of the longest-running animated series in North America, and the clan from Springfield has made their way into several surprising places over the decades, and one fan has managed to incorporate the series into the terrifying world of Junji Ito. With each year seeing a new journey of horror for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in the TreeHouse of Horror Halloween specials, the creatures created by Ito would fit right at home in the series during the spooky season. This year will see the arrival of Adult Swim's Uzumaki, making 2021 a big year for the horror mangaka.

The artwork featured here takes everyone's favorite Springfield bartender, Moe, and imagines him in one of Ito's creepiest stories, specifically the story of the "Hanging Balloons". In this bizarre tale, a swarm of giant balloons plagues the world, with each looking like their prospective victim, looking to hang them using the noose that is attached to the bottom of said balloon. When a young girl notices the balloons are attempting to carry away herself and her friends, it's a race for survival as the floating heads hover ominously above their victims and prove that Junji Ito was able to create some truly disturbing stories that horror fans had never seen before.

Reddit User Kulture Shock Tattoo shared this impressive art by Chris Rose that imagines the bartender of Moe's hanging ominously above the ground as one of Junji Ito's terrifying balloons that were constantly searching for victims to hang in the sky alongside them:

Cool Simpsons crossover art by Chris Rose from r/junjiito

The Simpsons is currently on its thirty-second season, having given fans hilarious stories for the past decades. Though there's no news about Junji Ito eventually making a cameo on the show, stranger celebrities have appeared in the past and we could certainly see the horror mangaka, or at least his work, appearing as a part of a future Treehouse of Horror. Ito himself has been no stranger to physically appearing in certain pieces of pop culture, with him recently making an appearance in Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding.

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