Junji Ito's Uzumaki is Getting a Creepy Coloring Book

Toonami's Uzumaki anime adaptation is one of the most anticipated series not just for Cartoon [...]

Toonami's Uzumaki anime adaptation is one of the most anticipated series not just for Cartoon Network, but in the medium of anime as a whole, and the cursed town that is plagued by an obsession with spirals will be arriving in a strange new way via an upcoming coloring book. Viz Media made an announcement today that the Uzumaki Coloring Book would let fans of all things horror experience one of Junji Ito's greatest works in a brand new way, giving them the opportunity to add their own style to the gruesome, twisted world that could only come from the horror master.

When it was revealed that the upcoming adaptation of Uzumaki would be delayed until October 2022, the blow was softened when new footage was revealed that shows how Production IG has been spending their time carefully recreating one of Junji Ito's most touted works. With the delay caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which threw a monkey wrench into a number of different anime series and films throughout 2020, it's understandable that both Production IG and Cartoon Network would want to take a little extra time in recreating the scary story that remains one of the most classic in the world of manga.

Viz Media unveiled the terrifyingly bizarre coloring book, that will allow Junji Ito fans to add their own flair to the twisted world that saw a spiral curse transforming people, animals, and an entire town into monstrosities that are almost too terrifying to comprehend:

Ito himself first started his manga career by submitting a story to a publication dubbed Gekkan Halloween, aka Monthly Halloween, that later became the basis for Tomie, the story of a nefarious succubus that became popular enough to warrant a number of live-action adaptations released as feature-length films in Japan. While Tomie was originally supposed to receive a television series in North America thanks to the streaming service Quibi, it was shuddered along with the platform itself.

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