Kamen Rider Couple Goes Viral Over Their Tokusatsu Wedding

Kamen Rider began in 1971, paving the way for them to become Asia's top superhero.

There are few days more special in a person's life than their wedding. A marriage made in love is most certainly worth celebrating, and over the years, weddings have evolved. From flashy parties to skyscraper cakes, a lot goes into throwing a wedding, and one Kamen Rider couple is going viral after they brought the tokusatsu series into their union.

As you can see below, the whole thing started online as a video from a wedding in Japan surfaced. The ceremony looks elegant as a bride and groom can be seen before their guests. While the bride stands in an extravagant grown, the groom is seen wearing a two-toned suit, and it will be familiar to Kamen Rider fans.

The suit is really combined of two different outfits that were split in two and sewn together. Known as a W Suit in Kamen Rider, this outfit represents the true focus of a marriage. It brings two separate things in life and combines them into one. Plus, the groom can be seen rocking a Kamen Rider utility belt with his W Suit, so he's ready for action.

For some people, they may say a wedding is no place for such props, but no two couples are the same. The Kamen Rider couple here is clearly into the series, and if that is there thing, then so be it. A wedding should be a safe space that celebrates all the things in a couple's past, present, and future. So if you want to give your own wedding a tokusatsu flair, then you do you!

If you have never been introduced to Kamen Rider, well – the franchise dates back to 1971. The series was created by Shotaro Ishinomori, a manga artist who never imagined Kamen Rider would become one of Asia's most recognizable heroes. Over the decades, the tokusatsu hero has become a global mascot for heroes everywhere. You can check out some of the long-running franchise on Tubi as well as Pluto TV.

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