The Legend of Korra is Heading to Netflix Next Month

Netflix's acquisition of Avatar: The Last Airbender has gone without a hitch, and the streaming [...]

Netflix's acquisition of Avatar: The Last Airbender has gone without a hitch, and the streaming platform is ready to dive into the rest of the franchise. A slew of new shows are slated to join the site's catalog come August, and it turns out The Legend of Korra will be one of them. This means fans who have binged Aang's journey to defeat the Fire Nation can meet an all-new Avatar with this sequel, and Korra is really something else. After all, the Water Tribe heroine has a mission of her own to complete, and it is one that complements the beloved themes of the original Avatar series.

Legend of Korra has four seasons that followed our new protagonist that was produced by Nickelodeon, not only giving us a number of new characters in the world of bending, but also revisiting some of the elderly interpretations of the character we came to know in Avatar The Last Airbender. With the world vastly different from the one we once followed in the adventure of Aang and his friends, Korra has to battle against a world that is rallying against benders in general and focusing far more on the world of technology. With Netflix currently produced a live action series for Avatar The Last Airbender, the arrival of the Legend of Korra will certainly continue to hype up excitement among fans!

The Official Twitter Account for NX of Netflix, which focuses more on animation and the world of pop culture, shared the news that the Legend of Korra would be hitting the streaming service later this summer on August 13th, taking fans through the next phase of the world of bending:

Legend of Korra wasn't thought of as being better than the original entry of the franchise in Avatar The Last Airbender but the characters, environments, fight scenes, and situations that came out of this sequel series does still make it a fan favorite in the world of animation. Korra herself was a definite change from Aang's personality, being far more sure of herself at the beginning than the air bender was, but learning that this same confidence could be a problem when it came to her adventures.

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