Legend of Korra Cosplay Takes The Avatar To The Beach

The 'Beach' episode of Avatar The Last Airbender is often thought of as one of the best episodes [...]

The "Beach" episode of Avatar The Last Airbender is often thought of as one of the best episodes of the entire series, diving into the characters of Prince Zuko, Princess Azula, and their fellow warriors within the Fire Nation, and while Korra didn't get a similar episode in her series, one Cosplayer was looking to change things up. Arriving as the next recipient of the power of the Avatar following Aang's death as an old man, fans were able to follow Korra and her friends over the course of four seasons of their popular Nickelodeon series, The Legend of Korra.

Korra was the immediate Avatar born following the death of Aang, the powerful bender who helped introduce the world of bending to the world via the first Nickelodeon animated series. Fans of both Aang and Korra were shocked earlier this year when it was announced that a specific studio had been created by Paramount for the purpose of returning to the world of bending with new animated projects. While details about any new movies or series have been few and far between, fans of the Nickelodeon series could not be more excited when it comes to returning to the beloved universe that has stuck around for years following the conclusion of their respective adventures.

Instagram Cosplayer The Elfin Artist shared this imagining of what Korra might have looked like if she were able to have a "beach day" of her own like the original Avatar crew, which remains one of the most beloved episodes in either The Legend of Korra or Avatar The Last Airbender to this day:

The Legend of Korra's story might have come to a close years ago, but it did receive sequel graphic novels from the publishers at Dark Horse Comics which further explored the adventures of Korra and her new beau in Asami. Dubbed "Turf Wars", the sequel series is just one collection of many stories that revisited both the world of Korra and Aang following the conclusion of their respective animated series. Needless to say, Avatar Studios has plenty of material to pull from for its upcoming animated projects should it choose to follow the stories of these graphic novels.

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