How Masters of the Universe: Revelation Sets Up Season 2

The day has finally arrived when the second half of the first season of Masters of the Universe: Revelation has arrived, and while a second season has yet to be confirmed for this new take on He-Man and the warriors of Eternia, the Netflix series has given viewers plenty of hints as to where a new season could go with its story. With the first season ending on a cliffhanger that sees Skeletor gaining the power of the universe and transforming into "Skelegod", the second half answers plenty of questions when it comes to the fate of Castle Greyskull.

Warning. If you haven't already binged the second half of Masters of the Universe: Revelation, be forewarned that we will be diving into MASSIVE spoiler territory. 

On the hero front, Prince Adam ended this season regaining the power of Greyskull, once again existing within the land of the living and holding the power of He-Man. By his side, Teela has become the new sorceress, with the previous wielder of the power being revealed to be her mother, with Duncan being her father. No longer needing to stay permanently inside of the castle, Teela can now fight side-by-side with her friends as the new sorceress, with Andra becoming the new "Man-At-Arms," and the world of Eternia finally regaining some semblance of peace.

The biggest changes come from the world of villains however as Evil-Lyn has seemingly let go of the hate in her heart, following her ascendance as the most powerful being in the universe. Losing her fight against Teela opened the villainess' eyes and had her return to her original home, leaving behind Skeletor and her magical power.

Of course, Skeletor has a big role to play in setting up a potential season two, as we see him attempting to rebuild his army following his defeat in this first season. Coming into contact with Tri-Klops and the new threat in "Motherboard", Skeletor is infected with the technological virus that spreads through his body and seemingly will transform him into another follower of this mechanical nightmare. The biggest twist is that Motherboard reveals a symbol that fans of Masters of the Universe will recognize as belonging to Hordak, the villain who played a prominent role in She-Ra: Princess of Power

Needless to say, there's a lot for fans of Eternia to chew on when it comes to the groundwork being laid for a second season.

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