Masters Of The Universe Revelation Reveals Skeletor's New Origin Story

Masters of the Universe Revelation is the latest chapter in the war between He-Man of Eternia and [...]

Masters of the Universe Revelation is the latest chapter in the war between He-Man of Eternia and Skeletor of Skull Mountain, and while the first episode changed the world of Castle Greyskull forever, it seems that there were far more changes that had taken place outside of the animated series. In the comic book series of the same name from Dark Horse Comics, we are given a prequel tale that recently dove into the mysterious origin of Skeletor, proving that the master of evil was anything but during the earlier days of his life outside of Eternia.

While Skeletor's origin was briefly mentioned in the very early days of the He-Man animated series back in the 1980s, the dark wizard did receive a new story that set him on his path to becoming the monstrosity he is known as today. In the 2002 animated series of He-Man And The Masters of the Universe, viewers had the opportunity to see that Skeletor was once known as Keldor and was also in line to become the new king of Eternia. During the fight against the current ruler in Randor, Keldor gets a face full of acid and is saved by Hordak, the all powerful villain that was most known for his role in She-Ra, granting him the power to live and become Skeletor.

Kevin Smith and writer Rob David however changed things up in Masters of the Universe Revelation #2 by showing us that Skeletor actually hails from the realm of Apollyos, being trapped in servitude to an alien race along with his people, who all had the similar skeleton look that he sported. Finding a wife after freeing his people from slavery and raising a daughter, Skeletor was overtaken by his slavers, who proceeded to kill his family in the process.

Masters Skeletor
(Photo: Dark Horse Comics)

Just in time, Hordak arrives and offers Skeletor the opportunity to get revenge, overthrowing the slavers that killed his family. On top of this, Hordak also grants Skeletor the ability to bring back to life either his daughter or wife, with the Snake Mountain ruler deciding to bring back his offspring. With the She-Ra villain offering to bring back Skeletor's wife if he continues being his servant, Skeletor is sent to Eternia to overtake it and the battle against He-Man and Greyskull begins.

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