McDonald's to Sell Massive Chicken McNugget Bucket in Japan

It looks like KFC has a big reason to fear McDonald’s nowadays. The chicken chain has always had [...]

It looks like KFC has a big reason to fear McDonald's nowadays. The chicken chain has always had a monopoly on fried chicken buckets, but Japan is about to school KFC by showing what McDonald's own nuggets can do.

Yes, that's right. Soon, fans in Japan will be able to get the best McDonald's deal ever when the Chicken McNugget Bucket goes live.

According to the franchise, Japan will roll out the big bucket at 38 stores in the Niigata prefecture beginning Dec. 1st. The bucket will house 48 chicken nuggets for about $17 (via Joyscribe).

mcnugget bucket
(Photo: McDonald's)

Right now, there is no word on how much sauce you get for the purchase, but it better be a lot. All those nuggets are going to need some condiments if they're going to go down the hatch.

The McNugget Bucket will hold 48 nuggets as a way to celebrate a popular J-pop act. McDonald's is teaming up with NGT 48, so the group will be doing promotions for the menu item. Not only will its members be featured on the bucket itself, but a few members will visit locations selling the item on their first day to pass out some buckets to lucky customers.

Right now, there are no plans to bring the McNugget Bucket to the U.S., but fast-food lovers can dream. The meaty special must be something nugget fans have long dreamed about, so it is up to them whether a trip to Japan this winter needs to be made. After all, if you had to find your McDonald's mecca, then one of these participating stores might just be it.

For those of you unfamiliar with NGT 48, the group is a popular idol team in Japan. Formed in 2015, NGT 48 is based out of Niigata and has over 25 members currently. The group is associated with AKB48, one of Japan's most famous J-idol teams these days, and has released a total of three singles.

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