Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway Releases New Trailer

Netflix is all-in when it comes to the anime world of Mobile Suit: Gundam, having recently added [...]

Netflix is all-in when it comes to the anime world of Mobile Suit: Gundam, having recently added the first trio of feature-length films to their ever-expanding anime roster as well as working to create a live-action adaptation of the series with a movie from director Jordan Vogt-Roberts, and a new trailer had landed for its upcoming acquisition in Hathaway's Flash. While the anime movie is re-titled Hathaway for North American audiences, it's clear that this new movie will be diving into new stories from the universe that introduced the anime world to the Mobile Suits.

Hathaway's Flash first debuted as a series of light novels in 1989, written by Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino whcih continued the story of the original series via a brand new protagonist who seemed to encapsulate the essence of the first series' hero and villain, aka Amuro and Char. While we don't know how faithful the new movie will be in terms of adapting its source material, it's clear that Sunrise is giving the original story an amazing coat of paint with its modern animation style.

The Official Twitter Account for Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash released the new trailer that gives us a better look into the world that continues the original universe, with the spiritual successor to both Amuro and Char taking up the reins as an anti-hero that is looking to change the world:

The world of Gundam continues to easily be one of the most recognizable anime series focusing on mech suits, especially considering that new statues are continuing to be created honoring the legendary anime.

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