Mobile Suit Gundam Hathaway's Flash Debuts New English Trailer

Mobile Suit Gundam had a rough 'go of things' in 2020, struggling with the coronavirus pandemic [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam had a rough "go of things" in 2020, struggling with the coronavirus pandemic that caused a number of different delays for a number of different projects for the franchise last year, but it seems as if the latest film of the series, Hathaway's Flash, is set to arrive later this year and has dropped a trailer with English subtitles! This upcoming film is set to continue the story of the original Mobile Suit Gundam series that was first introduced in the 1970s, albeit with a modern makeover and a protagonist who is different from those who came before him!

Hathaway Noa, the leading man of this upcoming film, apparently will act as the spiritual successor to both Amuro and Char, the hero and villain that were introduced in the first interpretation of Gundam. Hathaway's Flash was first introduced as a light novel series, hitting stands in 1989 and waiting for thirty years to finally get an anime adaptation. Mobile Suit Gundam has always been successful at placing the mechs into unique battlefields and introducing interesting characters to pilot them across different universes, with the franchise giving audiences more than a few different options over the decades of history that the anime has introduced.

Gundam Hathaways Flash
(Photo: Sunrise)

2020 might have seen several delays hit the franchise, but one of the biggest things to arrive on the franchise front was the Walking Gundam, a life-size statue in Japan that took its first steps toward the end of the year. With the statue one of the biggest real-life mechs introduced in the East, we're crossing our fingers that we'll be able to see one of these impressive recreations make its way to the West.

One of the biggest events that were delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic was the Gundam focused extravaganza taking place as a part of the 2020 Summer Olympics, with the launching of the "G Satellite" meant to convey messages from the Earth to outer space. Though the satellite itself wasn't shaped like a Gundam, it held two Gundam plastic models aboard and was named after the franchise that has easily become the most popular mech franchise the world over!

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