Gundam Gets Fishy With Its Strangest Official Crossover To Date

Last year for the fortieth anniversary of Mobile Suit: Gundam, the popular mech franchise found itself crossing over with the albino feline that goes by the name of Hello Kitty, but this year sees a stranger meeting as the Gundam series is teaming up to sell some serious tuna! Yes, if you can believe it, the Mobile Suit: Gundam series is teaming up with Haromoro & King Oscar Oil Sardine to sell some fish to Japanese citizens that will have images of the famous mechs along with the villainous Char attempting to feed you sardines while he is not piloting his Zaku!

The fortieth anniversary of Mobile Suit Gundam saw a number of amazing announcements for the franchise, with the likes of the crossover between the anime franchise and Hello Kitty as well as the Gundam Satellite that was originally going to be launched into outer space as a part of the Tokyo Summer Olympics. The latter event won't be taking place this year as the Summer Olympics have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it looks like we'll be seeing this satellite being launched next year at the earliest. Though "G-Satellite" might not be launching, 2020 still has plenty in store when it comes to Mobile Suit: Gundam!

Gundam.Info shared the information about the fishy team up that shows Char, the antagonist of the original Mobile Suit: Gundam series, offering fans of the anime franchise a big bite of sardines in what has to be one of the strangest uses of the property that we've ever seen!

Gundam Sardines
(Photo: Sunrise)

Char is easily one of the most recognizable characters in the long running franchise of Mobile Suit: Gundam, with the character's origin being revisited in the recent anime series of Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin! In it, we got a much better look into the past of Char, long before he had become a terrifying mech pilot and journeyed to see how this antagonist would one day become the man that put fear into the hearts of his opponents. With Char's personality, he is definitely one of the last characters of the series we'd expect to see attempting to feed you sardines!

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