Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Unleashes New Synopsis

Apple TV+'s Monarch: Legacy of Monsters dives further into Godzilla's upcoming television series.

Godzilla is set to hit the silver screen later this year with a prequel film that will focus on the king of the monsters rampaging through Japan following World War 2 in Godzilla Minus One. With next year set to see Godzilla facing down Kong once again in Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, the kaiju are aiming to take the small screen by storm thanks to Apple TV+. Monarch: Legacy of Monsters recently revealed new images for the upcoming series and has dropped a new description for the series.

The MonsterVerse first began thanks to Legendary Pictures' 2016 Godzilla movie, which saw the lizard king receiving a new introduction while fighting against new behemoths. Over time, familiar faces such as Rodan, King Ghidorah, and Kong were given their chances to shine, and with next year's New Empire, it seems as though a new kaiju is looking to cause trouble. While Godzilla has been featured in promotional material for Monarch: Legacy of Monsters, we have yet to see what other giant beasts might be making an appearance in this live-action series that will take place in both the past and the present. 

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters Synopsis

Here's a new breakdown of the upcoming Apple TV+ series, "In this epic journey, which follows the thunderous battle between Godzilla and the Titans that leveled San Francisco and the shocking revelation that monsters are real, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters tracks two siblings following their father's footsteps to uncover their family's connection to the secretive organization known as Monarch. Clues lead them into the world of monsters and ultimately down the rabbit hole to Army Officer Lee Shaw, taking place in the 1950s and a half a century later where Monarch is threatened by what Shaw knows. The dramatic saga, spanning three generations, reveals buried secrets and the ways that epic, earth-shattering events can reverberate through our lives." 

Currently, the Apple TV+ series has yet to reveal a release date as to when we can expect the MonsterVerse's return. It will be interesting to see if this new television show comes before The New Empire arrives next year. With so many Godzilla projects on the horizon, it's a good time to be a kaiju fan.

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