Mushoku Tensei Is Reportedly Working on Seasons 2 and 3 Simultaneously

Mushoku Tensei became a surprise hit within the last year, and fans from all over are awaiting the [...]

Mushoku Tensei became a surprise hit within the last year, and fans from all over are awaiting the show's big comeback. Following the end of season one, the show did inform fans a second season would be happening, but that was the only thing said about the deal. However, if a new rumor is correct, it seems like Mushoku Tensei is already hard at work on its next bunch of episodes.

The report comes from Twitter thanks to the user SugoiLITE. The netizen has a track record of gleaning anime secrets, so their new update on Mushoku Tensei is worth noting. After all, the user suggests the show is currently in production on both seasons two and three.

As you can imagine, this bit of news has fans freaking out, and it isn't hard to see why. Mushoku Tensei drummed up a lot of buzz with its premiere despite its ecchi leanings. For netizens who love fan service, Mushoku Tensei was a dream come true, and its fantastical setting made all things better.

Right now, there is no word on when season two will drop let alone season three. You can watch all of the first season through Crunchyroll if you'd like to catch up before Mushoku Tensei returns. As for the manga, Seven Seas has licensed the story for U.S. readers, and you can read its official synopsis below from Amazon:

"An unemployed otaku has just reached the lowest point in his life. He wants nothing more than the ability to start over, but just as he thinks it may be possible…he gets hit by a truck and dies! Shockingly, he finds himself reborn into an infant's body in a strange new world of swords and magic. His identity now is Rudeus Greyrat, yet he still retains the memories of his previous life. Reborn into a new family, Rudeus makes use of his past experiences to forge ahead in this fantasy world as a true prodigy, gifted with maturity beyond his years and a natural-born talent for magic. With swords instead of chopsticks, and spell books instead of the internet, can Rudeus redeem himself in this wondrous yet dangerous land?"

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