My Hero Academia Spells Out the New Threat Heroes Face

My Hero Academia is on a roll these days ahead of its season five premiere, and manga readers are [...]

My Hero Academia is on a roll these days ahead of its season five premiere, and manga readers are loving the excitement. The series has been on a non-stop ride this past year, and it seems like things are heating up for an arc exchange. After all, chapter 306 set up the threat nicely for our heroes, and it turns out our favorites are facing a new challenge like never before.

The whole thing was laid out plainly at the start of the chapter. My Hero Academia let Hawks break down the situation with Best Jeanist at his side. All Might was forced to take a dose of harsh truth, and fans watched as he realized how all of society has turned their backs on heroes.

My Hero Academia Throne Room
(Photo: Shueisha)

After asking All Might about One For All, Hawks laid things out plainly. "Even if this intel is wrong, it's with filling in the gaps because going forward it won't be villains we're fighting. We're up against all of society as well."

So, there you have it. As if the heroes did not have it hard enough right now, they have bigger things to worry about than the villains running loose. The baddie might prove to be their biggest issue, but they must worry about all of society. Innocent civilians have lost their trust in heroes, and the government is just as wary about their competency. Even All Might's legacy as the Symbol of Peace is in jeopardy.

With this threat in place, All Might had no choice but to give up his biggest secret. After all, the hero admits he kept the truth of One For All hidden in order to protect society from crumbling. But now that the worst has happened, it is time to bring about a new era for the legendary quirk.

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