My Hero Academia Releases Zoom Background Bundle for Fans

My Hero Academia's fifth season is getting ready to land later this week and it seems as if the [...]

My Hero Academia's fifth season is getting ready to land later this week and it seems as if the popular Shonen franchise is taking the opportunity to give something to fans via the "video communication platform" that is Zoom. During this era of the coronavirus pandemic, many users of the program have relied on Zoom to get their work done or simply have a face to face conversation with loved ones, but now, fans can throw some brand new images as their background during chats using the power of the hallowed halls of UA Academy.

Deciding to incorporate UA Academy's designs into these new Zoom backgrounds definitely makes sense considering the subject matter of the upcoming fifth season of the anime, which will see the beloved students of Class 1-A participating in a training exercise with their rivals in Class 1-B. As is the case with most storylines in the Shonen franchise created by Kohei Horikoshi, things don't exactly go as planned and the training exercise reveals new sides to both the heroes we've come to know, as well as those in 1-B who have been in the background for most of My Hero Academia's history.

Twitter User Shibuya Smash shared these first looks at the Zoom backgrounds that allow users to pay homage to the popular anime franchise by appearing as if they are students in the halls of UA Academy, the premier location to learn how to become a professional hero:

The upcoming season won't just be focusing on the battles taking place between the students of UA Academy, it will also be featuring the return of many of the biggest villains of the franchise, including the likes of Shigaraki and Dabi. Needless to say, the events that transpire in this upcoming anime season will have big implications for the anime universe, leading up to the biggest battle that the heroes have ever faced.

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