My Hero Academia Sees Class 1-A Battle Izuku

My Hero Academia's 'Civil War' battle has officially kicked off in the manga, as Class 1-A takes a [...]

My Hero Academia's "Civil War" battle has officially kicked off in the manga, as Class 1-A takes a stand against their former schoolmate, Izuku Midoriya. Izuku has gotten lost mentally and spiritually after unlocking the full power and quirks of One For All; the young idealistic would-be hero has become a frightening-looking version of his Deku hero persona, with a powerful array of multiple quirks that have begun to inspire fear in the public that he might be some kind villain connected to All For One. Well, it takes the combined will and effort of Class 1-A's students to stand against Deku - plus all the new power moves they've developed!

Warning: My Hero Academia Chapter 320 Follow!

Class 1-A arrived on the scene just as Deku was about to be overrun and captured by All For One's latest villain henchman, Dictator. However, Bakugo incapacitated the villain with a precision explosive shot. Along with Ida and Ochaco, Bakugo tried to talk (or rather scream) sense into Izuku about abandoning the mentally draining and corrupting path he's on and returning to U.A. school, where his friends can help fight All For One. Instead of conversation, Deku raged out and seemed ready to battle his friends.

My Hero Academia 320 Spoilers Izuku Deku vs Class 1A

In My Hero Academia chapter 320, Deku tries to take option "C": he uses the smokescreen quirk of OFA's Sixth User to create a distraction and try to flee the scene. However, Class 1-A has been training and aren't the same kids they even were during the War Arc. Working in perfect union the various fan-favorite characters of Class 1-A (Ojiro, Koji Koda, Kaminari, Sato, Shoji, Jiro, Sero, Tokoyami, Momo, Froppy, and Shoto Todoroki) each get a chance to shine, as they use their new hero status to try an apprehend Izuku without hurting him.

Unfortunately for Class 1-A, Deku's power has come just a far as theirs have; for every move and trap Class 1-A springs on Deku, the power and quirks of One For All allows him to escape. However, the one thing Izuku can't outrun are the heartfelt confessions from each of his classmates about how much he's personally changed their lives, and how much he means to them. Eventually Izuku's emotional breakdown fizzles out (admittedly only after a hit from a Todoroki's massive ice column), and he has no choice but to listen to his classmates and friends: they will fight this final fight with him, whether he likes it or not!

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