My Hero Academia Finally Returns to Izuku After Months MIA

My Hero Academia has been in top form this year, and we have the manga to thank for keeping things in line. While Studio Bones carries out final edits on the anime's sixth season, all eyes have been focused on the manga's final act as of late. Heroes like Bakugo have given readers plenty to fret over, and at long last, the manga has finally updated fans on where exactly Izuku has been for the past few months.

The whole thing came to light in chapter 367 as My Hero Academia followed up Izuku's big comeback with some much-needed explanations. As fans saw, Izuku managed to return to U.A. High School with help from jet pilots from America. Despite being given orders to protect the school, the soldiers went to give Izuku a ride to the fight after Toga derailed him, and he's just now made it back.

Of course, this comeback marks Izuku's first moment in the spotlight since the spring. After all, the manga's final act kicked off with Izuku being pulled away from the battle by way of Toga. It didn't take him long to escape the girl's grip with help from Ochaco, but Izuku did take his time getting to U.A. High School. He began his journey to campus back in April, and asides from a recent check-up over a month ago, little has been seen of Izuku.

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It is good to be reunited with Izuku as you can imagine, and his return didn't disappoint. From his latest smash to his reaction toward Bakugo's condition, readers were given everything they wanted in chapter 367. Now, it seems Izuku must brace himself for what's next, and All For One appears to be the thing standing in his way. There is no telling how much of Shigaraki is left in his body, but if we know Deku, we know he will do anything to draw the villain out of his own head. 

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