My Hero Academia Continues Its Streaming Domination with Season 5

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has been focusing primarily on the 'civil war' of the student [...]

The fifth season of My Hero Academia has been focusing primarily on the "civil war" of the student body of UA Academy, with Class 1-A and 1-B participating within the Joint Training Exercise to assert dominance and test out their Quirks, and it seems as if Kohei Horikoshi's latest season is dominating the world of streaming. Appearing on the likes of Funimation and Crunchyroll with their weekly installments, My Hero Academia has broken a big milestone on the streaming service known as Hulu, which streams both anime, television, and movies from around the world.

While we have witnessed Midoriya and his class pairing up against their rivals to see which students are strongest, the fifth season has also hinted that big things are in the works for the likes of Endeavor, Hawks, and the League of Villains to name a few. With the next arc following the Training Exercise using the name "My Villain Academia", the story will follow Shigaraki and his fellow villains as the protagonists for several key episodes, giving us a better idea of the origins of many of these antagonists that follow the beat of All For One. On top of this arc, we will bear witness to the "Endeavor Agency Arc", which will see Deku, Bakugo, and Todoroki learning from the top hero.

Twitter User MHA_News discovered that the fifth season of My Hero Academia was the third streamed series currently available to watch on Hulu, animated or otherwise, proving that the success of Deku and his fellow heroes in training is no fad:

This year won't just continue giving us more episodes in the fifth season of the Shonen series, it will also see the arrival of the third film in the franchise, My Hero Academia World Heroes' Mission. With Deku framed for mass murder, it seems as if both the wielder of One For All and his friends will be getting some serious makeovers to tackle a brand new threat.

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