My Hero Academia Gets Stunning Artwork from Marvel and DC Comic Artists

My Hero Academia is one of the best superhero series out right now, and it has some of the biggest [...]

My Hero Academia is one of the best superhero series out right now, and it has some of the biggest names in comics running scared. With sales of the manga growing, publishers like Marvel and DC Comics are paying close attention to the series. And now, a couple of artists are paying homage to My Hero Academia in their own way.

The first tribute comes from Jorge Jiménez, a popular artist inking under DC Comics. He took to Twitter recently to share a surprise piece of artwork he did for Ki-oon Editions which publishes My Hero Academia in French. Jiménez was tasked with doing a variant cover for an upcoming volume of the manga, and his work absolutely smacks.

"PLUS ULTRA !!!!!!! Thank you very much to Ki-oon Editions for giving me this beautiful opportunity to do a cover for My Hero Academia, probably my favorite series of the moment! thanks to all and hope you like it," he wrote.

As you can see above, the artwork showcases Jiménez in all his talent. The piece focuses on Izuku and Mirio as the pair fight in full color. Clearly, his work on DC Comics helped prepare Jiménez for this commission, and fans are loving his distinct take on the manga.

After this cover went live, it didn't take long for other comic artists to give their own take on My Hero Academia. One of these happened to be Brett Booth, an artist who worked on everything from Fantastic Four to Teen Titan and Backlash. He drew a stunning black-and-white sketch of My Hero Academia featuring Izuku, All Might, Bakugo, and Todoroki. The dynamic sketch captures some of the best parts of Kohei Horikoshi's manga, so we are loving this rendition!

Of course, these comic crossovers are the stuff of dreams for fans, and it has them petition for official collaborations. Horikoshi is a proud fanboy of Marvel and DC Comics. If given the chance, we're sure he would okay a one-shot crossover, so we're hoping All Might and Superman can meet one day soon!

What do you think of these comic tributes? Would you like My Hero Academia to team up with Marvel or DC Comics one day? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.