My Hero Academia Writer Addresses Popular Rody Theory

There is no denying the My Hero Academia's fervor for certain characters, and Rody Soul ranks high on that list. The star became a favorite with fans after debuting in My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission, after all. The petty thief made a huge impact on fans, and in the course of the movie, fans all over fell for his sly charms. In fact, some went so far as to compare Rody to a familiar face in Zootopia... and it turns out the theory connecting the two characters is actually legit.

The information comes from a surfaced interview from Newtype. Back in 2021, the magazine spoke with screenwriter Yosuke Kuroda about their work on My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. It was there the writer was asked whether the movie's story borrowed from American films given its own overseas setting. And yes, Kuroda did say Zootopia was one of two inspirations.

"A serious cop and a flashy delinquent who looks at the world cynically... I feel like I had 48 Hours and Zootopia in mind when writing the script. I didn't do it on purpose but yes, I think the movie ended up having an American movie feel because it was set overseas," the writer explained.

Translated by shibuyasmash recently, this surfaced interview has taken the My Hero Academia fandom by storm in the funniest of ways. It became popular to liken Rody to Nick from Zootopia once the anime movie had gone live. Social media is filled with fan art of the crossover, and many fans wondered if Rody was inspired by the Disney flick. Now, we know Zootopia helped Kuroda along with 48 Hours, so you can decide which pro hero is meant to embody Eddie Murphy's Reggie Hammond.

Of course, Rody has gone on to become a top-tier character in My Hero Academia despite having little screen time. The lead was an original character for My Hero Academia's third film, but the fanbase loved him enough to rank Rody in recent popularity polls. Now, the fandom is hoping the final act of My Hero Academia finds a way to revisit Rody. And if we do get a Rody reunion with Izuku, the anime better make Deku's Judy Hopps comparison crystal clear. 

What do you make of this wild My Hero Academia theory? Did you see pieces of Zootopia in this movie? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.