My Hero Academia Unleashes Mina's New Form, Ultimate Attack

The My Hero Academia is now in the intense final phase of the war between the heroes and villains, and My Hero Academia's newest chapter has pushed Mina Ashido to the brink with the reveal of a new form and ultimate attack for the acid hurling hero! My Hero Academia has been seeing all of the heroes push themselves to new levels against Tomura Shigaraki and All For One as the major villains are proving to have much more in store than the heroes could have predicted. But things have gotten messier as Gigantomachia has returned to the main fight. 

The previous My Hero Academia chapter surprised fans with the fact that Gigantomachia was freed and returned to All For One's side, and the newest My Hero Academia chapter went back a bit further to showcase how each of the heroes were trying to keep the villains from freeing the monster. It's especially tough for both Ashido and Kirishima as the two of them have very personal moments with Gigantomachia, and Ashido makes sure to push back against all of this inner trauma with a powerful new Acidman attack, Acidman: Alma. 

MHA: What is Ashido's Newest Attack? 

My Hero Academia Chapter 383 shows off the struggle that the heroes had to keep Gigantomachia from being freed, and when Kirishima and Mt. Lady are nearly taken out by the monster, Ashido digs deep into herself. Using a max output of her power, Ashido ends up unleashing Acidman: Alma, a strong enough acidic substance to melt even Gigantomachia. It burns her own skin as a result, and Ashido regrets the fact that she wasn't able to use this ability during the first war. 

Ashido couldn't stand the fact that she was unable to unleash her strongest attack, and it eventually led to death and carnage that we saw during the Paranormal Liberation Front War arc. She had since asked Katsuki Bakugo and Shoto Todoroki to teach her their respective training methods, and thus uses her ability to save Kirishima from an attack as well. This has taken her out of the fight for now, but it's clear that she made her final stand an effective one. 

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