My Hero Academia Season 7: What Will the Anime Cover?

Don't worry, My Hero Academia! All Might may be on a break right now, but it won't be long before the hero returns to center stage with Class 1-A at his side. If you did not know, My Hero Academia season 6 came a close this month following a record-breaking run. Now, reports have confirmed season 7 of My Hero Academia is in the works, but there is one question still lingering on our minds...

What exactly is My Hero Academia season 7 going to cover? Well, the manga has already laid out the groundwork for what's to come, and it will leave anime-only fans reeling from shock.

After all, My Hero Academia season 6 teed up its next arc with its finale cliffhanger. Izuku is safe at UA High School after his Dark Deku period, but things are still uneasy in Japan. The nation is being ravaged by villains led by All For One and Shigaraki. That is why foreign aid was asked for, and America's Number One hero is now on her way to Japan.

Star and Stripe made their anime debut in the final episode of My Hero Academia season 6, and we are going to learn plenty about them once the anime returns. After all, the My Hero Academia manga has an entire arc dedicated to the heroine and her travel to Japan. If you have read the manga, you will know Star and Stripe is about to undertake a seriously wild battle, and it is one Shigaraki is desperate to win.

Traditionally, seasons of My Hero Academia adapt 2-3 arcs during a run, and that much was proven during season 6. The anime adapted two full arcs, the Paranormal Liberation War arc and the Dark Hero arc. When season 7 of My Hero Academia gets going, we know the Star and Stripe arc will kick off the comeback, and the next one will be painful to watch. After all, it is the U.A. Traitor arc, and anime fans are going to flip at its big reveals.

Now, it is a safe bet these two arcs will make up My Hero Academia season 7, but there could be another teased at the end. The story after the U.A. Traitor arc is the Final War arc in My Hero Academia. This arc is almost like a saga in itself given how many mini-arcs it has featured. Given an eighth season of My Hero Academia is all but certain, we're thinking the anime will adapt the prologue chapters of the Final War arc before wrapping season 7. So if that comes to pass, expect My Hero Academia to drop the mother of all cliffhangers when its next season wraps.

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