My Hero Academia Reimagines Endeavor's Hottest Scene Ever in Full Color

Endeavor won't exactly be winning any "Father of the Year" awards as the number one hero in My Hero Academia, sending many members of his family to hell and back in his quest to overtake All Might, but he has been proving himself in his recent battle against All For One. With Kohei Horikoshi continuing to tell the story of the final fight for UA Academy, one fan has decided to add some color to one of the biggest moments of Enji Todoroki to date.

Endeavor has had quite the struggle when it comes to being the number one hero, while his Quirk might be an all-powerful one, the head of the Todoroki Clan has had a rough time when it comes to becoming the "Symbol of Peace". Thanks to his harsh demeanor during his crime-fighting duties, Enji Todoroki has been trying to live up to the high standard set by All Might and this latest battle might be his last. Though All For One was able to deliver a horrific injury to Endeavor during their battle, it seems that Shoto's father might in fact be able to take down the biggest villain the world has ever seen.

Twitter Artist Wild Fire Matt shared this new take on the dramatic scene from the latest chapter of My Hero Academia's manga, throwing some orange and red into the moment wherein Endeavor pulled himself up off the ground and set himself to defeat All For One in the Final Arc of the Shonen series:

In the recent installment, Endeavor was able to deliver a wild blow to All For One, seemingly burning him to the point where death might be nigh for the mentor to Shigaraki, though it seems as though the antithesis to One For All has a trick up his sleeve. Considering how many sins have followed Endeavor throughout his life as he pushed his family to the brink in an effort, it wouldn't be surprising to see the number one hero sacrifice himself for the greater good as a part of his redemption arc.

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